Ellepot Grown Plants

Ellepots are an eco-friendly growing technology which helps to grow larger and healthier root systems, creating high-quality plants and reducing or eliminating the need for plastic pots. Ellepots are root, air, and water permeable and made from bio-degradable, non-woven paper. About 75% of HostasDirect’s Starter TC and Advanced Starter plants are grown in Ellepots. The balance are grown in thin plastic trays. Continue reading “Ellepot Grown Plants”

Heuchera (Coral Bell) Blooms

Heucheras, more commonly known as Coral Bells, have beautiful long-lasting blooms that not only attract butterflies and hummingbirds, but also are excellent in floral arrangements.  Heuchera blooms come in many beautiful colors and shades!  The flowers last about a week in a vase.  Heuchera bloom at different times of the season, depending on which species the variety it belongs to, and Heuchera breeders are working to encourage reblooming and continual blooming varieties. It’s no wonder that Coral Bells are becoming so popular in gardens! Continue reading “Heuchera (Coral Bell) Blooms”

Heuchera Hanging Baskets

With the seemingly limited supply of adequate shade plants that can be found in hanging baskets, it would only make sense to start including Heuchera! Heuchera, more commonly known as Coral Bells, are perfect for hanging baskets. They have a low-mounding habit, are drought tolerant, and have a beautiful range of color. They go well together, or with other plants, and also hold their own as a single specimen display. Continue reading “Heuchera Hanging Baskets”

White Hostas

White hostas are seemingly magical plants. However, be wary if you ever come across one – no matter how experienced a gardener you are. Remember back in 8th grade when you learned about chlorophyll (that stuff plants use to convert sunlight into energy)? Well, plants can only use green pigmentation to create chlorophyll. This means that all white hostas, as beautiful as they are, must either develop green tissue, or they won’t survive. Continue reading “White Hostas”