Ellepot Grown Plants

Ellepots are an eco-friendly growing technology which helps to grow larger and healthier root systems, creating high-quality plants and reducing or eliminating the need for plastic pots. Ellepots are root, air, and water permeable and made from bio-degradable, non-woven paper. About 75% of HostasDirect’s Starter TC and Advanced Starter plants are grown in Ellepots. The balance are grown in thin plastic trays. Continue reading “Ellepot Grown Plants”

Tissue Culture Propagation

Tissue culture propagation (also called micropropagation) is a method of propagating a plant from a piece of the plant. A cutting (explant) is taken from a stock plant and grown in a sterile medium. This explant can be from almost any part of the plant. It is important that the stock plant is disease-free and a good quality plant. Tissue culture propagation must be done in a very clean environment to avoid contaminating the plants. Continue reading “Tissue Culture Propagation”