Corrugated Hostas

There are many different terms for what we call ‘Corrugated’ Hostas. The scientific term for corrugation is Rugose, which comes from the Latin word for wrinkles. You may hear these hostas referred to as seersuckered, puckered, wrinkled, crinkled, quilted, or dimpled.

All of these terms describe those hostas that have folds, ridges, and grooves on their textured foliage. The wrinkles seem to increase as plants mature, both throughout the season and over several years.

These hostas are often sturdy, hardy plants that are tolerant of harsh winter conditions. Corrugated varieties also seem to be less likely to show reversion.

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H. ‘Rhino Hide’
H. ‘Rainforest Sunrise’

H. ‘Frances Williams’

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