Hostas in Golf Course Landscaping

Tom Carlson, owner of HostasDirect, is a hosta lover as well as an avid golfer with a background working on a grounds crew as a young man, and serving on a Greens Committee at a private course. He is good friends with green superintendents and housed three foreign students who worked as golf course interns while studying to be green superintendents.

Your golf course landscape can benefit from hostas

golf course landscaping Hosta 'Paradigm' from
H. ‘Paradigm’

Attracting golfers has become very competitive due to supply and demand; there are fewer rounds of golf being played and more and more public and private courses being built. One way golf courses can attract more golfers is by beautifying their courses. This includes not only landscaping around the clubhouse but around trees, ponds, fences and cart paths. Many courses also have planted hostas in raised garden beds in between holes or between greens and tees. Giant hostas fit in well in the open spaces of golf course landscapes.

Save time and money – cut landscape maintenance costs with golf course hostas!

Hosta 'Blue Angel' from
H. ‘Blue Angel’

Golf courses can plant hostas in areas that require extra maintenance such as under trees, along fences, around ponds, in front of boulders, or near the clubhouse. Large hostas work especially well because they create a lot of low maintenance ground cover for a low price.  Hostas provide a simple solution to the endless effort that goes into trying to grow grass in the shade or under trees. Mowing and trimming is expensive and time consuming.

Turn a few hostas into MANY hostas, ready for transplanting!

Create hosta nurseries in out-of-bounds areas of golf courses to allow small hostas to grow and multiply. This is much more cost-efficient than buying expensive potted hostas. You just need to kill the grass (with Round Up or a tarp) in the area you want to plant, till the soil, add amendments to the soil if needed and plant the hostas. Hostas grow three times faster in full sun, but they do need to be watered regularly. After two to three years, your hostas will be mature and ready for transplanting!

Start today!

Begin beautifying your golf course today by growing your own hostas from HostaDirect’s Starter Hosta (TC) hostas for sale!