Heuchera (Coral Bell) Blooms

Heucheras, more commonly known as Coral Bells, have beautiful long-lasting blooms that not only attract butterflies and hummingbirds, but also are excellent in floral arrangements.  Heuchera blooms come in many beautiful colors and shades!  The flowers last about a week in a vase.  Heuchera bloom at different times of the season, depending on which species the variety it belongs to, and Heuchera breeders are working to encourage reblooming and continual blooming varieties. It’s no wonder that Coral Bells are becoming so popular in gardens!

Heuchera Blooms

Here are a few photos of different varieties of Coral Bells flowers!

heuchera blooms heuchera blondie 2b
H. ‘Blondie’
heuchera cherry cola 2b
H. ‘Cherry Cola’
heuchera rio 1b
H. ‘Rio’
H. ‘Peppermint’
heuchera lipstick 5b
H. ‘Lipstick’
heuchera havana 1b_1
H. ‘Havana’
heu berry timeless 2
H. ‘Berry Timeless’

Here’s a video of a hummingbird drinking from Heuchera flowers!

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