Heuchera Hanging Baskets

With the seemingly limited supply of adequate shade plants that can be found in hanging baskets, it would only make sense to start including Heuchera! Heuchera, more commonly known as Coral Bells, are perfect for hanging baskets. They have a low-mounding habit, are drought tolerant, and have a beautiful range of color. They go well together, or with other plants, and also hold their own as a single specimen display.

When choosing a hanging basket, make sure that there will be adequate drainage. Choose a soil mixture that does not contain too much peat or retain too much water. Heuchera hanging baskets will dry out much faster than those in the ground, particularly during hot or windy days. In cooler climates, coral bells in hanging baskets will need to be covered to protect the roots through winter.

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Watch this video from Terra Nova Nurseries’ Dan Heims about Heuchera Hanging Baskets.


To purchase Heuchera varieties for hanging baskets, please visit our Buy Heuchera Page.