Heuchera Propagation

Garden heuchera can be multiplied by seeds, by stem cuttings, or by division. Commercially, coral bells are often produced by tissue culture.

Coral Bell Seeds

heuchera propagation seedsHeuchera seeds are very small, and reminiscent of a poppy seed.  They should be collected as the seed heads are opening and stored for a few days in a brown bag to dry.  Seeds will lose their viability within six months, so they should be sown quickly, misted with water, covered and kept warm in a light location.  Germination time will vary depending upon the plant, but can be expected after 2-8 weeks.


Stem cuttings are often preferred to any other cutting location.  Snap or slice off the stem, apply a fungicidal drench, and plant in plug trays or pots.  Roots may develop after three weeks in warm temperatures.

Tissue culture in the lab

Tissue Culture

Tissue culture is preferred for commercial production, because it allows huge quantities of identical plants to be grown reasonably fast.  A single, sterilized growing tip is placed in a test tube with a sterile growing medium.  The emerging shoots continue to grow roots and are then separated into individual plantlets which are potted in a greenhouse and then eventually planted in the garden.