Heuchera Species

Although there are over fifty species of Heucheras (Coral Bells or Alum Root), only a handful are commonly available to gardeners.  Heuchera species have different characteristics.  A few commercial cultivars derive from a single species, but the majority are hybrids and have parentage from the following species.

Heuchera americana

Originally native to the Central U.S., H. americana withstands both hot and cold temperature extremes. The plant has a neat habit, and seems to prefer woodland locations. ‘Green Spice’ and ‘Marvelous Marble’ both have americana lineage.

heuchera species Heuchera Green Spice

Heuchera Marvelous Marble

Heuchera cylindrica

Sometimes known as Roundleaf Heuchera, H. cylindrica exhibits green and/or white flowers that attract bees and butterflies.  The flower stalks are quite rigid and can fare better in windy conditions.  ‘Ginger Ale’ and ‘Hollywood’ both have cylindrica lineage.

Heuchera Ginger Ale

Heuchera Hollywood

Heuchera Sashay

Heuchera sanguinea

The first heuchera commercially available and may be familiar from your grandmother’s garden.  This species is native to the Southwest and can maintain its flowers even in dry, hot weather.  ‘Lipstick’ and ‘Apple Crisp’ both have sanguinea lineage.

Heuchera lipstick

Heuchera Apple Crisp

Heuchera villosa

Hybrids with villosa parentage are recommended for the deep South, as they can survive very hot, humid conditions.  They typically have large, hairy leaves.  ‘Encore’ and ‘Frosted Violet’ have villosa lineage.

Heuchera encore

Heuchera Frosted Violet


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