Heuchera Videos

Below you will find many videos relating to coral bells.  We hope you will find these heuchera videos helpful as you learn more about coral bells!

Coral Bell Color Foliage

Marty DeHart of Hewitt Garden and Design Center showcases the color foliage of various Coral Bells (Heucheras).

The UK National Plant Collection

Hampton Court 2010 – Vicky and Richard Fox of Plantagogo Nursery in Crewe, Cheshire in the UK, show their beautiful national collection of Coral Bells and Heucherellas.

Terra Nova Nurseries

A special look at the gardens of Terra Nova Nurseries, an industry leader in breeding technology.  (Keep an eye out for the beautiful Coral Bells (Heucheras)!)

Coral Bells in Hanging Baskets

Dan Heims of Terra Nova Nurseries is interviewed about Coral Bells in Hanging Baskets.

Coral Bells in the UK

A short video from plantagogo.com, featuring Coral Bells grown by our gardening friends “across the pond.”

Coral Bell (Heuchera) blooms

A video of a hummingbird harvesting the nectar from Coral Bell (Heuchera) blooms.

Coral Bell Maintenance

What do you do when your Coral Bells develop long, brown stems? George Lasch explains how to cut back your coral bells, clean them up, and gain lovely new plants for your garden in the process.

Year-Round Color and Foliage

A video filmed at Terra Nova – Bring year-round color and foliage to your garden with new and old Heuchera favorites!


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