Heucherella Information – Care and Maintenance

Basic information about Heucherellas.  Includes Origin, Growing & Cultivation, Common Pests & Diseases, Interesting Facts & Uses,  and Garden Design Tips.

Heucherella Origin

heucherella sweet tea pp21296-copfHeucherella is a domestic hybrid, meaning it is not found naturally occurring in the wild – it was created artificially for gardens from existing species.

This plant was first bred in 1912 by Emile Lemoine in France.

The botanical name, Heucherella, is a portmanteau (combination) of its parents’ genus names, Heuchera and Tiarella.

The common name, Foamy Bells, is also a combination of its parents’ common names, Foamflower and Coral Bells.

Growing and Cultivation

heucherella solar eclipseHeucherella prefer partial shade and moist, well-drained, and neutral to slightly acidic soils.  They do not tolerate ‘wet feet’ well and can die over winter if they are wet and cold.  After planting, water in well and then wait to see new growth before watering again, to prevent overwatering as the plant settles in and puts out new roots.

Common Pests and Diseases

Heucherella can be susceptible to many of the same pests and diseases as its parents.  Root weevil larvae can eat the roots and emerging stems in late winter/early spring; you can drench and spray insecticide to treat them.  Nematodes can show up inside the leaves or in the soil; they are very hard to eradicate, and often the plant must be removed and destroyed.  Nematodes can be prevented or controlled by sterilizing your garden tools between plants and removing infected plants promptly.  Rust and other fungal  diseases can occur when there is too much water/humidity, low air flow, and not enough sun.  There are sprays and powders to treat rust and other fungal diseases, but they work slowly and have to be applied frequently.  Try not to overwater and make sure to plant Heucherella with enough space for air flow.

This plant is not particularly deer or rabbit resistant.  They may choose to eat it or not.

Interesting Facts and Uses

heucherella gold zebra Heucherella is an intergenic hybrid, a hybrid between different genera of plants.  This is fairly uncommon.  We frequently see interspecific hybrids, or hybrids between species, but different genera usually cannot interbreed.

Garden Design Tips

Heucherella Cracked IceHeucherella complement either of their parents, Heuchera and Tiarella, as well as other broad-leaved shade perennials such as Hosta, Brunnera or Epimediums.  They also contrast finer textures in the shade garden, such as Astilbe, Astrantia, Aruncus, Dicentra and Aquilegia.  Like their Tiarella parents, they can also be used as underplantings for larger shrubs.


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