Hosta Garden Video Tours

An ongoing HostasDirect original series of hosta videos featuring Tom Carlson. Wander down the garden path with him as he shares his hosta expertise on hundreds of hosta varieties in these videos.

hosta garden video tours Hostas-and-Heucherasgarden

Hosta Garden Video Tours Part 1

Some of the selected hostas in this video are H. ‘Blue Jay’, H. ‘May’, H. ‘St. Paul’, H. ‘Hoosier Dome’, H. ‘Roy Klehm’, H. ‘Komodo Dragon’, H. ‘On Stage’, H. ‘Ebb Tide’, H. ‘Climax’, and H. ‘Band of Gold’.

Hosta Garden Video Tours Part 2

Hosta Garden Tours Part 2 highlights these and other hostas: H. ‘Chartreuse Wiggles’, H. ‘Bright Lights’, H. ‘Thunderbolt’, H. ‘Cutting Edge’, H. ‘Stiletto’, H. ‘Brim Cup’, H. ‘Fragrant Blue’, and H. ‘Radiant Edger’.

Hosta Garden Video Tours Part 3

A few of the hostas shown in this hosta garden tour segment are H. ‘Queen Josephine’, H. ‘Cascades’, H. ‘Maui Buttercups’, H. ‘Tokudama Flavocircinalis’, H. ‘Cherish’, H. ‘Medusa’, H. ‘American Sweetheart’, H. ‘Gloriosa’, and H. ‘Sun Power’.

Hosta Garden Video Tours Part 4

Some of the featured hostas in this hosta biography include H. ‘Hoosier Dome’, H. ‘Fantabulous’, H. ‘Moonlight Sonata’, H. ‘Allegan Fog’, H. ‘Stained Glass’, H. ‘Liberty’, H. ‘Alex Summers’, H. ‘Victory’, H. ‘Whirlwind’, H. ‘Camelot’, H. ‘Avocado’, and H. ‘Dick Ward’.

Hosta Garden Video Tours Part 5

Some of the hostas that Tom Carlson displays in this video are: H. ‘Blue Hawaii’, H. ‘Blue Mammoth’, H. ‘Captain Kirk’, H. ‘Silk Kimono’, H. ‘Summer Breeze’, H. ‘Deep Blue Sea’, H. ‘Blazing Saddles’, H. ‘Guardian Angel’, and H. ‘Spring Fling’.

Hosta Garden Video Tours Part 6

Some hostas featured in this last hosta biography of 2008 are H. nigrescens Elatior, H. ‘Lady Isobel Barnett’, H. ‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’, H. ‘Fire Island’, H. ‘Big Daddy’, H. ‘Rainbow’s End’, H. ‘Ice Age Trail’, H. ‘Designer Genes’, H. ‘Bridegroom’, H. ‘Summer Breeze’, and H. ‘Rainforest Sunrise’.