Mini Heuchera and Heuchera in Containers

Heucheras (Coral Bells or Alumroot), with their low and mounding habit, tolerance to drought, and range of color, are very suitable plants for containers.  Recently, heucheras have been bred in miniature sizes as well!

Mini Heuchera (Coral Bells)

H. ‘Frost’

These charming mini Heuchera offer everything we already enjoy about Heucheras, and even some additional new characteristics, but are in miniature form! Mini Coral Bells are typically up to/around 6″ tall, and offer both beautiful blooms and foliage. In growing zones where winters are more mild their foliage stays beautiful all year. Their leaves also last a long time in pots, bouquets and planters.

  • Excellent for planters, bouquets, ground covers, containers, pots, rock
    H. ‘Peppermint’

    gardens, borders, fairy and train gardens.

  • Attract butterflies and hummingbirds
  • Add color and interest to shaded gardens
  • Have minimal problems with pests or diseases
  • Require little maintenance, water, or fertilizer
  • Can be divided every few years

Heucheras in Containers

Heuchera containers Heuchera Georgia Peach 8b
H. ‘Georgia Peach’ and other plants

Heucheras pair well and provide contrast with many other plants, and also hold their own as a single specimen display.  Heuchera containers are a great addition to your patio, porch or walkway!

When planting a Coral Bells in a container, first make sure that there are adequate drainage holes.  A layer of pottery shards or rocks will prevent the drain holes from clogging.  Choose a soil mixture that does not contain too much peat or retain too much water.

Heuchera container blondie, havana, peppermint
H. ‘Blondie’, H. ‘Havana’, and H. ‘Peppermint’

Mixing in a slow-release fertilizer when planting should be enough to sustain Alumroot for the entire season.  Heucheras in pots will dry out faster than Heucheras in-ground, particularly during hot or windy conditions.

In cooler climates, potted Coral Bells will need to be covered to protect the roots over winter.  As a general rule of thumb, plants in containers should be rated two zones lower in order to overwinter – Heuchera in zone 5 or warmer should survive.

Heuchera Spellbound 5b
H. ‘Spellbound’ and other plants

Heuchera look good in odd-numbered plantings, and a trio of different complementary or contrasting colors is a good design.  They also look lovely with other more narrow-leaved plants like grasses, evergreens, and creeping plants.

Heuchera Glitter 6b
H. ‘Glitter’ and other plants


To purchase Heuchera varieties for use in container gardening, please visit our Buy Heuchera Page.