Ellepot Grown Plants

Ellepots are an eco-friendly growing technology which helps to grow larger and healthier root systems, creating high-quality plants and reducing or eliminating the need for plastic pots. Ellepots are root, air, and water permeable and made from bio-degradable, non-woven paper. About 75% of HostasDirect’s Starter TC and Advanced Starter plants are grown in Ellepots. The balance are grown in thin plastic trays.

Benefits of Ellepots

  • Design allows air flow around the sides of plants in growing trays allowing more oxygen which improves root growth and plant health.
  • Special aerated growing mixes are used inside the pots which also maximizes plant growth and health.
  • Plant roots can penetrate the non-woven paper easily, reducing root circling. This encourages natural lateral and bottom root formation in surrounding soil to occur earlier after transplanting.
  • Reduces or eliminates transplant shock – no roots are cut. Plants can root out and grow quickly with minimal root disturbance. Growers have reported a reduction in rooting time of 20%.
  • Labor savings for gardeners and landscapers of up to 30%. Speeds up planting time and reduces clean up and plastic disposal time and costs.
  • Environmentally Friendly! – Less plastic means no expensive petroleum based pots to produce and then discard in the waste stream. Our customers love our environmentally preferable packaging!

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