Hosta Diseases, Hosta Virus X, and Foliar Nematodes

Plant diseases or foliar nematodes are expensive, time consuming, and frustrating. Diseases and nematodes can spread fast and at times are impossible to cure once they are in your soil or plants.  Be careful about the materials you put in your garden and practice good plant disease prevention. Continue reading “Hosta Diseases, Hosta Virus X, and Foliar Nematodes”

What do we mean by disease-free hostas?

Since the start of our business in 2001, HostasDirect has never had Hosta Virus X or any customer complaints about foliar nematodes or other diseases. However, due to the very nature of living things, literally trillions of molecules in plants and nurseries, it is virtually impossible for any plant business, including ours, to absolutely guarantee their plants do not have any diseases or assume any liability for damage. Continue reading “What do we mean by disease-free hostas?”