Design your Hosta Garden with these tips for Hosta Landscaping!

If you’re serious about hostas, your hosta garden will continually be a beautiful work in progress. Many people have a starter garden, where they grow plants to maturity (when they have their true size, shape, and color), then transplant them to a final spot in the garden. As trees and other plants in your garden grow, you can move hostas around to give them their ideal sun and soil conditions. Keeping your plants labeled will make it easier, especially in the early spring before plants come up. Continue reading “Design your Hosta Garden with these tips for Hosta Landscaping!”

Create Hosta Bouquets

Hostas can be spectacular when arranged in hosta bouquets with a single leaf or bloom, in combinations with other hostas, or mixed in with other plants. Hostas offer many sizes, textures, colors, and leaf shapes to work with. Plus, many hostas have beautiful and fragrant blooms. You can use the HostaSearch™ Database to find hostas with a wide range of blooms. When placed in water, hosta leaves can last up to ten days and blooms can last up to five days. Continue reading “Create Hosta Bouquets”

Displaying Hosta Containers, Potted Hosta

Hostas can be successfully grown in containers.  The major advantage of container hostas offer is more versatility in the garden; you can move them around for an ever-changing display, and find the combinations and designs you enjoy!  Also, bringing your hostas closer to you on a patio or path lets you see your favorite showy hostas up close and display their best foliage-containers allow you to more fully and easily control slugs!  Hostas also make a great contrast to other plants within a mixed container, or within a grouping of containers in their own pot. Continue reading “Displaying Hosta Containers, Potted Hosta”