Design your Hosta Garden with these tips for Hosta Landscaping!

If you’re serious about hostas, your hosta garden will continually be a beautiful work in progress. Many people have a starter garden, where they grow plants to maturity (when they have their true size, shape, and color), then transplant them to a final spot in the garden. As trees and other plants in your garden grow, you can move hostas around to give them their ideal sun and soil conditions. Keeping your plants labeled will make it easier, especially in the early spring before plants come up. Continue reading “Design your Hosta Garden with these tips for Hosta Landscaping!”

Hostas in Golf Course Landscaping

Tom Carlson, owner of HostasDirect, is a hosta lover as well as an avid golfer with a background working on a grounds crew as a young man, and serving on a Greens Committee at a private course. He is good friends with green superintendents and housed three foreign students who worked as golf course interns while studying to be green superintendents. Continue reading “Hostas in Golf Course Landscaping”