Blue Hostas

In most species of plants, blue leaves are uncommon. There is a tremendous variety of blue hostas which can have spectacular foliage. There are many options with blue hostas with sizes from mini to giant, smooth to seersuckered leaves, leaves cupped up or down, and forms from mound-shaped to vase-like. Blue hostas are an easy way to add drama to almost any garden. Continue reading “Blue Hostas”

Fragrant Hostas, Fragrant Hosta, H. plantaginea

Over 58 varieties of fragrant hostas have evolved from H. plantaginea, which is the only fragrant species hosta. All fragrant hostas have some H. plantaginea genes and sported from or were hybridized from hosta with H. plantaginea in their background. Of the 58 fragrant varieties of hostas only 28 are available commercially. Continue reading “Fragrant Hostas, Fragrant Hosta, H. plantaginea”